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Spring is here and you’ll be as glad as we are that the cold and wet weather is nearly over. The colourful flowers are blooming and the sun is starting to make an appearance again.

While you can leave behind your winter woes, it’s time to clean out your car ready for the year ahead. After all, there’s a big possibility that you’ve let things slip over the winter. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it.

So, it’s time for a spring clean. Let’s take a look at the ways you can get your car up to speed for spring.

Examine the Wipers and Washer Fluids

During the winter, your windscreen wipers will battle through snow, wind and rain. This means that when it comes to spring, they may no longer be at their best. Of course, everyone knows that spring is famous for showers and it may be time to get them replaced. If you find your glass is streaky and dirty even after you use the wipers, it could be time to have them replaced.


Don’t forget to fill your washer fluid too. There’s a lot of bugs during the spring and it’s easy for them to get stuck to your windshield. To make sure you can clean your glass on the move and always be able to see properly, top-up when the spring comes.

A Deep Spring Clean

Has all the salt and dirt from the road over winter made your car look dirty and old? It’s time to get the pressure washer out and start scrubbing away the grime. All of this build-up of dirt can actually be really damaging for the paintwork on your car. Over time, this grime can become corrosive and chip away at your paintwork, as well as cause rust. This is especially true if you leave it on during the spring when the weather gets warmer. So, it’s time for some elbow grease and to clean the exterior of your vehicle.

Swap Your Winter Tyres Over to Regular Ones

It’s always recommended to have winter tyres during the cold and icy weather. The tyres are made to be safe for bad road conditions. But during the spring and summer time, you only need regular tyres again. So, it’s time to swap them over. This is something that doesn’t take long and we’ll happily do this for you at Cavendish Motor Company. When you’ve got your regular tyres back on your car, check the pressure. This may need to be filled up since they’ve not been used in a while. In addition, examine the tread to make sure it’s safe and above the legal limit.


Test the Brakes

If there is one thing you can’t do without on your car it’s your brakes. So, if you notice any problems with your brakes after the winter, be sure to get them fixed straight away. A service will be able to identify any problems before they get worse. Classic signs that there may be something wrong with your brakes include grinding and squeaking noises.

Arrange an Air Conditioning Service

An air conditioning service is going to make sure you enjoy cool and clean air during the spring and summer. After a long winter, it’s common for you to switch on the air conditioning and for there to be a bad smell, dust or even a leak. These are signs that you could benefit from an air conditioning service.

During the winter months, it is recommended that you let your air conditioning run at least once a week. This makes sure it’s still working properly. But if you don’t do this, it’s common for mould and bacteria to develop and create a bad odour when you turn it on again in the spring.

Allergies are also worse during this time of the year and having the pollen filters cleaned out may help to get rid of dust and dirt that is aggravating them. If you find there is a leak coming from your vents, this can be down to a blocked tube on the evaporator.

It’s also important to remember that the lubricant for the air conditioning system should be replaced every two years. This is going to keep the system working at its best for the spring.

All of these problems have one thing in common – they can be repaired during an air conditioning service. A service makes sure everything is working at its best and it can even avoid more expensive repairs later on.

At Cavendish Motor Company our experienced technicians will inspect your air conditioning system, ensure the system cleans, dries and cools the air just when you need it most.

At Cavendish Motor Company we’re here to serve the motorists of Ashington so if you’d like some assistance with any of the above, or you’d like to book your vehicle in for a service or Spring health check then give us a call as we here to help.

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