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Audi Servicing Cavendish Motors Ashington

Audi Servicing Ashington

If you’re serious about keeping your Audi in great shape, regular Audi servicing is essential. It’ll keep you and your family safe on the road, and keep breakdowns and repair bills to a minimum.

As the leading Audi specialists in Ashington, Morpeth, Blyth, Cramlington and the surrounding area, we guarantee an unmatchable Audi service. We only use the latest Audi equipment and parts. And, our team is full of award-winning technicians, passionate about German vehicles. You won’t find a better value specialist garage in Northumberland.

So, don’t put off your Audi servicing Ashington any longer. Give us a call today.

Audi Servicing Cavendish Motors


Benefits of An Audi service


Keeping You Safe

Regularly servicing your Audi is the surefire way to keep you and your family safe. By catching problems before they become potentially life-threatening, you make sure nothing springs up while you’re driving.


Saving You Money

Everyone loves to save money. But, most people don’t realise how much money an Audi car service can actually save them. Not only does it keep your repair bills low, but it also saves you money on your miles per gallon too.


Promoting Longevity

You invested in an Audi because you’re proud of what you’re driving, right? Well, surely it makes sense to keep your investment in great shape rather let it run into disrepair? A regular service will do that.


Keeping You On The Road

Audi’s command respect. So, if you’ve invested in one, you surely want to keep it on the road. Well, that’s what an Audi service does. It keeps your vehicle on the road rather than in the garage or on the hard shoulder.


Audi Servicing Cavendish Motors

Is your Audi over 3 years and driven less than 10,000 miles this year?

If your Audi has been taking a lot of short trips this year, it’s had a tough time and will suffer more. Shorter journeys are harder on a car than longer ones. That means you’ll need an Audi service every 12 months or 9,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Audi Servicing Cavendish Motors

Is your Audi under 3 years and driven more than 10,000 miles this year?

If your Audi has travelled long distances, it’ll have suffered less wear and tear than a vehicle that’s been stopping and starting a lot. Therefore, your Audi should only need a service every 10,000 miles or more, or every 24 months, whichever comes first.

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Don’t worry if you’re still unsure. Get in touch, we’ll be happy to find out for you. Then, after your first Audi service with Cavendish Motors, you’ll get a reminder 4 weeks before you’re ready for you next one.

Why Cavendish Motors For My Audi Service?

Not only are we local, but we’re also Audi specialists. We’re kitted out with Audi tooling and parts, and we obsess over German vehicles.

What does that mean for you? Well, you’ll get a team of the region’s best technicians who are 100% dedicated to working on your vehicle. And, you’ll get that knowledge and skillset for an incredible investment.

A top Audi service by technicians who are passionate about Audis. What’s not to love.

Audi Servicing Cavendish Motors

How Soon Can You Service My Audi?

We’re open 5 days a week for Audi servicing Ashington. And, we try to be as flexible as possible to fit you in whenever is best for you. So, get in touch today.

How Soon Can You Service My Audi? Cavendish Motors

What Happens During A Service?

Your Audi is naturally affected by the rigours of day to day life. It happens to all cars. And, that’s why Audi servicing is so important. It keeps your car on the road.

We’ll Keep You Informed

When we service your Audi we promise to keep you updated at all times. Everything we do is transparent, so you’ll never get caught with any unexpected costs.

Keeping You Informed Cavendish Motors

Here’s the checklist our Audi specialists go through during your car’s service:


Lighting & Visibility
Your front and rear lighting is thoroughly checked for correct operation. Additional visibility items, such as glass and wipers, are inspected along with exterior mirrors and registration plates.


Under Bonnet
A full visual inspection is carried out ensuring no leaks exist and all components are serviceable. Where applicable, VW service items such as air filter, oil filter, sparks plugs, drive belts, etc are replaced.


Vehicle Interior
A thorough inspection is conducted of the seat belts, horn and hazard lighting, as well as all vehicle controls. We’ll also ensure the correct operation of the driver displays.


Steering, Drive, and Suspension
A comprehensive check of all joints, gaiters and wheel bearings is carried out. This is followed by an inspection of the front and rear shock absorbers and road springs


Front and rear brake components are checked and measured so that your VW’s service life can be reported on.


Under Vehicle
After removal of the under trays the engine oil is drained and transmission checked for leaks.


Tyre Inspection
All road wheels and tyres are inspected for serviceability and pressures adjusted prior to refitting. Where applicable, the spare wheel is inspected or inflation kit checked for operation.


Final Checks
To finish off the service, the brake fluid and antifreeze are tested and the engine filled with new oil. Finally, the vehicle is road tested and service book or on online service record updated.

Courtesy Cars at Cavendish Motors

Courtesy Cars Available

If you need a vehicle whilst we repair your car, no problem. Just let us know when you book in.

Flexible Payment Plans at Cavendish Motors

Flexible Payment Plans

Would you like to spread your repair payments? We’ve got several easy plans to help you out.

Local and Convenient Cavendish Motors

Local and Convenient

We’re open 5 days a week and are always here to help.

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