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Save Money on Wheel Alignment at Cavendish Motors

Cavendish Motors has been looking after road users in and around Ashington Northumberland for many years. We’re always incredibly keen to answer your questions and bring to you information that you’ll find interesting.

With this in mind, we thought it’d be a good idea to write this article outlining the benefits to you that regular maintenance brings.

Regular vehicle inspection can really make a difference to the efficiency of your vehicle. Not only that but you’ll minimise your risk of breakdown. Vehicle maintenance can be easily overlooked, but the importance of this should not be underestimated.

Last year the RAC assisted 2.5 million drivers that broke down by the roadside. Their survey discovered that a large percentage of these breakdowns could have been avoided had the vehicle owner had their car serviced.

Having your vehicle regularly maintained and inspected can benefit you in two main areas. The first of these is the prevention of major repairs. Prevention is preferable to cure, and some maintenance today will always cost you less than an expensive fix in the future.

A common example we see is that of brake repairs. Brake pad wear is a natural occurrence, but it’s important that the pads are replaced before they are completely worn out.

Delaying the replacement of your brake pads can lead to damaged brake discs. The repair for this can cost £100’s in unnecessary parts, and can normally be avoided.

The second benefit is one of fuel efficiency. The modern car is a finely tuned piece of engineering. Failure to carry out fundamental maintenance can see you returning to the pump prematurely costing you ££’s in increased fuel bills yearly.

Something as inexpensive as an oil and filter service can have a positive impact on the MPG you vehicle returns. As well as the benefit of extending engine life.

Some regular home maintenance can also be a good idea, carrying out checks such as tyre pressures, engine oil level, and topping up the screen wash bottle are just a few things you can do that will pay immediate dividends.

That being said the majority of the attention your vehicle requires will need a professionally trained technician who has the tools, knowledge and information to carry out the more complex operations safely.

For many years, your vehicle can be considered to be more computer than a car, and as such are highly technical pieces of engineering. The driver can hardly be expected to understand the electronics that are hidden beneath the bonnet.

It’s for this reason, we’d always advocate using a trained professional. An under-qualified person could do more damage trying to fix the vehicle themselves. This damage could lead to unnecessary expense. Which is something we’re keen to avoid.

Franchised dealership or Independent garage?

So… Your car or van needs a service, who should you choose?

There are a great many reasons to pick a quality independent garage over a franchised dealer. The business overheads of the franchised dealer can be many times higher than that of a quality independent garage. This can usually be attributed to their large premises and extensive workforce. This obviously leads to a high labour rate.

A recent survey found that franchised dealers’ repairs costs can be as much as 18% higher than a quality independent repairer.

It’s also worth noting that many independent garages are owned by dedicated technicians who are passionate about their trade. It’s also not unusual for them to have committed to 100’s (if not 1000’s) of hours in training to keep up with modern vehicle technology.

You’ll also find most Independent garages a very keen to give a higher than normal level of customer service as they don't have the huge marketing budgets of a franchised network and rely on their good service message being spread by word of mouth.

What should you expect when your car is serviced?

The specific service items that your car or van requires will depend on many factors. The following checklist though is indicative of the popular items carried out on most service schedules.

  • Brakes:
    Brake components will be measured to ensure serviceability. Brake fluid will be
    checked to ensure it meets recommended specs and topped up if required. Brake
    pipes will be checked for security and corrosion.


  • Lights:
    All lights are checked including the front, side, rear, and main lights are in full
    working order. Hazard warning lights and indicators are checked, as are number
    plate lights, brake lights, fog lights and reverse lights.


  • Wheels and tyres:
    Wheels and tyres are inspected for damage and defects. Tread depth is measured
    to ensure it is above the legal limit of 1.6mm. Tyre pressures are checked and
    adjusted where required.


  • Electrics:
    The vehicles starting and charging system is checked including the battery,
    alternator and starter motor.


  • Instruments:
    The dashboard function along with all gauges, warning lights and the horn
    will be checked for correct functionality.


  • Interior:
    The seat belts and mechanisms are checked along with the internal and external
    mirrors, seats, interior lights, doors and locks, and the handbrake.


  • Fluids:
    General fluids will be replenished, including washer fluid. Fluids such as coolant,
    power steering will also be checked and topped up where required.


  • Engine:
    The oil and filter are usually replaced. Items such as the exhaust system, fuel pipes,
    radiator, clutch, air filter, coolant hoses, auxiliary drive belt are checked and reported
    upon. Spark plugs and other service items may also be replaced.

So…. You now know the benefits that regular vehicle inspection brings. But who will you choose to carry out your next service?

We’re obviously a little biased, but when it comes to looking after your car our years of
experience, expert technicians, friendly team, and the great value we offer are guaranteed to
leave you with a smile, in a vehicle you can trust.

You’ll definitely be glad that you chose Cavendish Motors to look after your vehicle.

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