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Tyres at Cavendish Motors Ashington


Your wheels – more specifically, tyres – are arguably the most important part of your vehicle. After all, they’re the only parts that connects you with the road.

You need to trust that your tyres are the right pressure, have enough grip and can do the job they were designed to do. We understand having your tyres checked can be stressful.

Do you actually need new tyres? Will they be affordable? What happens next? There are a lot of questions.

Well, fortunately, for tyres in Ashington, there’s one independent garage that people know they can rely on – Cavendish Motors. As experienced mechanics who’ve been helping the locals of Ashington since 2005, we’re committed to keeping you on the road – safely and affordably.

Tyres Cavendish Motors Ashington


Can You Fit Tyres While I Wait?

Of course. We’ll help you choose the right tyres for you too if you’re unsure. Without the right honest guidance, it can be tough to know what’s best.

  • Do you go for the more expensive tyres – that must be the best, right?
  • Or maybe the cheapest because you were told all tyres are the same?

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get the right tyres for you. And, we’ll fit them while you wait.

Fit Tyres Whilst You Wait Cavendish Motors

How Do I Know What Size Tyres I Need?

You can usually find the size of your tyre printed on the outside edge of your tyre in raised lettering.

No luck? No problem! Give us a call.

Tyre Size Cavendish Motors

What Are The Minimum Tread Levels?

The law requires your tyre tread to be 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of your tyre. But, regular use can quickly wear a tyre down to be below. So, here’s a quick and easy trick to know if your tyres are legal:

Get a 20 pence piece. Insert it into the lowest tread depth of your tyre. Can you still see it? If you can’t, your tread is legal. You can drive as normal.

However, if you can see the outer rim sticking out, it means your tread is less than 3mm and is too worn down. You’re driving on dangerous tyres. You don’t have the tread to keep control of your vehicle, and by law, you need to get them changed.

If you’re unsure, pop down to our Ashington garage and we’ll check your tyre tread for you.

Thread Levels Cavendish Motors
Locking Wheel Nut Cavendish Motors

I Can’t Find My Locking Wheel Nut?

Your locking wheel nuts are the nuts that keeps your alloys on your wheel, rather than in the hands of a would-be thief. To remove them, you need your locking wheel nut key.

If you’ve misplaced it, we can help you out. We’ve got the advanced equipment that lets us bypass a key and get your wheels. So, any trouble, let us know.

Fix Damaged Wheels Cavendish Motors

I’ve Damaged My Wheel. Can You Fix It?

Yes, we can. For Ashington tyres, we’re the leading garage, trusted by the people of Ashington, Morpeth, Blyth and Cramlington to keep their cars on the road.

We offer a range of premium tyres including Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli and Dunlop.

Courtesy Cars at Cavendish Motors

Courtesy Cars Available

If you need a vehicle whilst we repair your car, no problem. Just let us know when you book in.

Flexible Payment Plans at Cavendish Motors

Flexible Payment Plans

Would you like to spread your repair payments? We’ve got several easy plans to help you out.

Local and Convenient Cavendish Motors

Local and Convenient

We’re open 5 days a week and are always here to help.


Looking for new tyres in Ashongton? With a great range, we’ve got something for all budgets.